Can I generate dirt in minecraft?

  • Can I generate dirt in minecraft? ProSay

    I came accross this on the internet it claim that there is a way to generate dirt:

    To generate dirt:

    1. place dirt.

    2. bonemeal mushroom

    3. climb on top of the huge mushroom

    4. place ANOTHER mushroom on top of the huge mushroom

    5. bonemeal it

    6. The spot where you placed the second mushroom is now dirt.

    So is this true? If not is there any other way to easily obtain dirt without any to begin with?

  • You used to be able to plant mushrooms on any surface, then make them grow into Huge Mushrooms using Bone Meal. This would, for some reason, convert the tile below the mushroom's stipe to dirt.

    This was obviously a bug (as it would allow players to, for example, destroy Bedrock), and was fixed at some point. So no, this is no longer possible.

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