Can hostile mobs spawn on leaves in Minecraft Beta 1.8 or higher?

  • Can hostile mobs spawn on leaves in Minecraft Beta 1.8 or higher? nicky

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    Do Minecraft monsters spawn on stairs?
    Will monsters spawn on top of trees?

    Can hostile mobs spawn on leaves regardless of graphic mode (fast or fancy) in Beta 1.8.1?

    I know this has been asked before for an older version of the game and the answer was yes if in fast mode, but since the game has changed so much since then, I'm wondering if the answer might be different now.

    I'm asking because I'm building treehouses in the water in order to "ender-proof" them (as I don't like having to replace blocks the endermen stole/moved). So, do I need to add some light-source to the top of my trees or am I okay with just the regular tree-tops?

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