What would cause Sauron to attack?

Jack B Nimble
  • What would cause Sauron to attack? Jack B Nimble

    In the Commodore 64 manual for War In Middle Earth, the manual said:

    Sauron, like the Nazgul, is to be avoided altogether. However, he spends most of his time within the confines of Mordor itself. If he does venture beyond the borders of his foul realm, it will only be for a very short distance. There is no danger, for instance, of encountering him at Minas Tirith.

    It was amusing to my brother and me that he not only attacked Minus Tirith in one particular game, he repeatedly did it. Once he was killed he would respawn in Mordor, and then come directly to attack Minas Tirith again. My brother's armies in the city were eventually destroyed and he lost. (Losing Minas Tirith was one game over condition).

    What were the conditions that would cause Sauron to do exactly what the manual said he wouldn't do?

  • I think it's just completely random, or I haven't played enough to figure it out. But from experience there really is no strategy... it just ends up happening after a while.

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