How to defeat the Bank ambush in Battlefield 3

Ian Boyd
  • How to defeat the Bank ambush in Battlefield 3 Ian Boyd

    • Mission Guilllotine
      • Secure the bank
        • Enter the bank undetected

    How do you defeat the scenario where you are ambushed after sneaking into the bank?

    The knife is facing into the bad guy, and presumably he must be stabbed with it - but i cannot make it happen.

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    Question: How to defeat the guard in the bank in Battlefield 3 Operation guillotine - which button to use my knife?
    Answer: For xbox, right button is the knife. Look in your game manual, and watch a walkthrough on youtube for the mission.

    After you and your partner climb through the window an enemy barges in and grabs your partner. You're supposed to melee the enemy but I get killed every time. Anyone having similar issues? How do you get past this part on 360?

    I'm having the same problem. I keep doing what the prompts tell me, and then I just spaz out pressing every key and nothing works. I keep dying help please.


    When i play, i get the first E prompt in cyan:

    enter image description here

    Moments later it is time to use a mouse button. In the (successful) youtube version, the mouse icon is (again) cyan:

    enter image description here

    But on my PC the mouse icon is red and quickly scrambles and vanishes:

    enter image description here

    (Battlefield 3 does not support screenshots)

  • If it's red that means it detected some other input during the quick time event period. Do you have other controllers attached -- joysticks, gamepads, etc? Anything else that would send an input signal during that interval? FWIW I had no problem with this sequence, though I did mess it up the first time..

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