What's The Significance of the House in "Crack in Stoney Port"?

John the Green
  • What's The Significance of the House in "Crack in Stoney Port"? John the Green

    I just finished "Crack in Stoney Port", but I don't get why the house is there. The notes said that I "felt that was the right place" and that "whatever was happening had something to do with this place", but it didn't appear to me to have any significance.

    I found the house, dead-ended, then I

    went back to where the torches first started going inland and I followed the underwater glowstone path.

    I could've finished it without ever bothering to investigate the torch trail.

    What's the point of that house?

  • There is a stone button on one of the walls. Push it and a piston opens part of the floor, allowing you to continue down.

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