Does playing with a "default" weapon set-up in MW3 unlock weapon proficiencies?

Sean Gallagher
  • Does playing with a "default" weapon set-up in MW3 unlock weapon proficiencies? Sean Gallagher

    If you have the weapon in the default weapon class is it able to earn proficiencies? OR earn points towards the same weapon if you've earned it in rank?

  • Playing with weapons before unlocking them does not help leveling up. after they are unlocked, it does regardless of how you pick them up

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  • The ability to dual-wield the same one-handed weapon seems like the most useless ability to have out of all weapon upgrades you can earn to me (golden doesn't count). e.g., If you wanted to dual-wield two SMGs, you'd just buy two different SMGs and equip them each in a hand and you have your "dual-wield." No need to get your weapon to level 5 or 6 just to be able to do so. Frankly I see no reason to want to use the same weapon. Two Weapon Dual-Wielding Pros: You can get it as soon as you can afford it (which will be quick) You're leveling/grinding both weapons simultaneously (HUGE

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