Can I alter just the dual-wielding controls?

Ian Pugsley
  • Can I alter just the dual-wielding controls? Ian Pugsley

    In a comment on Is it possible to use a shield in one hand and magic in the other?, switching the controls for left arm to left mouse button (and right arm to right mouse button) was mentioned. I think this makes the dual-wielding system much more intuitive - however, I desperately don't want to have to left click to block and right click to attack (or right click to shoot my bow, left click to melee with it, etc).

    I didn't see anything in the settings to alter mappings for dual wielding only - is there any way to do this?

  • You could put your shield in your right hand and the sword in the left.

  • If you play with a controller it is mapped correctly (right trigger controls right hand). There is no way to just map dual wielding on the PC

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