Syndicate Wars (PC): getting past EuroCorp space station

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  • It seems openttd does not allowed to join dock to railway station, only in separated way. Unfortunately.

  • I am going solo but have three cities contributing to the great work space station. now I cannot get to complete phase two as no one will work there even with 4,000 unemployed workers between the 3 cities. any ideas?

  • So i'm playing Project Space Station in DOSBox. I'm doing the "Semi-Conductors" R&D project. So far I've made a few breakthroughs and my current revenue is 250, but I can't seem to get past this. The game keeps saying: A key scientist is needed for our research to continue. Check project description for who is needed. My crew lineup for the project is (in order, but i'm not sure if order is important): Finworth (Chm) Rivera (Mat) McFarlan (Mat) Whiting (Cmp) How can I complete this?

  • My character has been injured in ground combat and I'm looking to be healed by a medical officer like the one at the Earth space station. (It costs no credits, using items to do it does.) In short, is there a medical officer on Deep Space Station K-7? I can't find one. And if there is not, where is the nearest medical officer?

  • I have a space station on Duna orbit, equipped with Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2. I plan to decommission it and bring my kerbals back (or move them to the new station). But I have no idea how to make them go EVA. Only pilots are listed in the right down corner of my screen (one for station, 2 for rescue vehicles). Is there any way to do it, without hacking saves or using Crew Manifest?

  • I'm a Tribes vet. Naturally I don't want jump on control and ski on space. I want them both on space. Skiing was originally an undocumented feature so they both functioned on the same key (space). Is there any way to put them both on space?

  • In space station 13, as the captian of the ship, I'm always handing off the nuke disk to the Head of Security, instructing him to hide it, figuring he's better suited for it than I am. when there's no Head of Security, I tend to lock it in my secure safe, which usually gets blown up with relative ease. I've seen people get it implanted into their body, so that if they die, it randomly spawns elsewhere, but that seems unfair to the Ops who have to then seek it out, and if it spawns in space, the station is screwed. What is the best way to truly keep the disk safe in case of a Nuke Ops

  • When scanning planets for resources (uh, it is obnoxious work — not fun!) there are indicators that fill up as you acquire more resources. (Eezo, Iridium, Platinum, Palladium) Do these indicators show the maximum spare resources your ship can store? If so, how many resources is 100% on the indicator for each material? Or can you go over these limits? Or if you try to go over is the material wasted? If you go over this limit by picking up materials when not planet scanning (when down on a planet or space station), do you get credit rewards instead, like if you go over your Medi-gel limit?

  • After some less successful sessions, I finally managed to survive on the station until the emergency shuttle arrived. Better yet, I was even able to locate it and get in on time. However, when the shuttle departs I get knocked to the ground. I can see other people buckling themselves in, so I'm assuming the reason I get slammed around a bit is that I didn't strap in myself? How do I buckle in? I tried dragging myself onto a chair, or just clicking it but that didn't seem to work.

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