Where is the Redguard woman?

  • Where is the Redguard woman? StrixVaria

    I was approached by a few underhanded Redguard men calling themselves the Alik'r in Whiterun, who wanted a Redguard woman. The only Redguard woman I found in Whiterun won't shut up about marriage and has no meaningful dialog options. Where can I find her?

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  • Look for a woman named Saadia in the Bannered Mare tavern in Whiterun, usually in a side room. She was cooking in the kitchen when I found her.

    If she isn't there, make sure to wait some time. She is known to be outside and then come to the inn (depending on hour).

  • If you are having trouble making the marker come up on your map, make sure you de-select all other quests in your journal. Then select the individual quest ONLY (especially in the "miscellaneous" sub-menu.)

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