Steam version of Fallout / Fallout 2 in a window

Tyler Szabo
steam fallout-2 fallout
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  • I purchased the humble indie bundle 2, downloaded braid, and installed it. Since the bundle is now available on Steam, I am now downloading the Steam version for achievements etc. Will the steam version use the same save as the non-Steam version? Related: If I have the non-Steam version of a game and the Steam version, is it possible to make Steam only redownload changed files? Not a huge issue for the Humble Indie games, being quite small in size, but it would be handy for something like UT3 if I activated my key on Steam.

  • I've been playing Fallout 3 on and off for since it came out. I saw that the GOTY edition was on sale for $5 on Steam, so I figured I'd buy it for the DLC and fact I wouldn't need the CD anymore. Now, how do I set it up to use all my mods? Can I just copy my game directory over the Steam one, or do I have to install them one at a time with the Fallout Mod Manager? Can I copy my Steam version into the old Fallout 3 version, so that it isn't in Program Files (Which caused me problems last time)? Is there anything else I should do to it before starting playing? I recall something about the DLC

  • One thing I loved about Fallout 3 was the slow motion cinematic killcams. So when I heard they were coming to Skyrim I was made up. Yesterday my copy of Skyrim (PC) updated itself in Steam. I loaded it. I see that the version is 1.5 (1.5 and then some more numbers). No killcams whatsoever. I've killed about 10 enemies without getting a killcam. Is it something you have to turn on? I couldn't see a setting anywhere. It is supposed to work for projectile weapons and magic. I'm using a bow and arrow which in my book is a projectile weapon! Edit (14/04/2012): To update this, I have

  • I've been trying to get the most authentic Fallout experience; and one of the things I remember hearing about is changing the string "drug" to "chem" in Fallout and Fallout 2. I'd like to change the strings back, but I don't know how to modify game data myself (ideally with a few tools as possible).

  • This question is very similar but it's specific to the PC version: Use Fallout 3 savegames in Fallout 3 GOTY I have the original Fallout 3 disk for my PS3 and I'd like to get the GOTY version. Will my existing savegames be compatible with the new disk?

  • Is it possible to install the Portal 2 authoring tools without Portal 2 installed. Otherwise, would it be fool steam into thinking I have? The reason I'm asking is that I have Portal 2 installed for mac. However I can also run Steam through wine, to play the games only available for windows. Now I want to install the Portal authoring tools on the wine steam, but Steam wants me to download Portal 2. Could I point Steam to my mac version or do I need PC version for it to work?

  • There are rumours floating around which state the main Skyrim executable (as of version is not tied to Steamworks - or any other form of DRM - even if you bought the game from Steam. If this rumours were true, it would be the same situation as with Fallout 3, which didn't have any DRM on the main executable even though it included SecuROM on the game launcher. Another set of rumours is that the Russian-language version distributed by 1C in the CIS is not tied to Steam. In fact, so the rumour goes, it doesn't even have a serial number usable on Steam, so it isn't registrable

  • Apparently you could tip brahmin in Fallout 3. This is one of those few things in Fallout 3 I never thought of, and thus never tried. Rather than loading up Fallout 3 just to go brahmin-tipping, I'm wondering if you can do that in New Vegas as well, as they're built on the same tech?

  • What is the difference between Steam and Games for Windows Live versions of Dark Souls? I'm not sure, but I read somewhere that Steam version is also connected with GFWL. I'm asking because my friend is going to buy it, but I'm not sure if the Steam version is able to play with GFWL.

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