How strong are the conjured "Bound" weapons compared to their physical counterparts?

  • How strong are the conjured "Bound" weapons compared to their physical counterparts? Pithlit

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    How much damage does a conjured weapon do?

    I've really come to enjoy conjuring, especially dual-wielding bound swords. They weigh nothing, and I get skill just for bringing them out, and the coup-de-grace is that they automatically soul trap (hooray enchanting!).

    The issue is though, how much damage am I losing by using conjured weapons over carrying the average/best weapons available to my level?

    I have the perk that increases bound weapon damage, and I know it's augmented by my one handed skill, but does my conjuration skill also augment the damage? or just the cost/duration?

  • They count as Daedric weapons.

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