What is a reliable way to determine if a container is safe?

  • What is a reliable way to determine if a container is safe? Krastaf

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    Aside from containers in bought houses or guilds/organizations, are there other 'safe' containers which will store items permanently (won't reset)?

    Is there any reliable way to determine if a storage container in Skyrim is safe to store items in (as in, they won't disappear after a while)?

    Somebody hinted towards the IsOwner console command in another question, but I fear it is not a valid suggestion, since it always seems to return " is not the owner.".

  • Any houses that you own are safe. Any guild lodgings that are provided for you are safe. companions are safe(as long as they dont get killed without you knowing). It is always risky to store items in places that do not belong to you as the container could be reset or an NPC could take from the container.

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