Fastest way to get petty/lesser souls

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  • Fastest way to get petty/lesser souls I Phantasm I

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    Where can I find lots of petty creatures to charge my soul gems?

    So i have been enchanting a lot recently and have discovered Souls can no longer be stolen from Summoned creatures which is how i did it in oblivion. so is there another easy way to get a lot of low level souls or will i be forced to go skeever hunting?

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  • . SPOILER ALERT Bringing it to Aranea Ienith makes it Azura's Star that can capture only creature souls. Instead, bringing it to Nelacar makes it The Black Star that can only capture black souls i.e human souls that are always Grand. (Are there other type of black souls?) From my search I see that, black soul gems are not rare but I have played Skyrim for a few hours (reached Level 30) and still found just one! Where as Grand soul gems are easier to find but very hard to fill with 'grand souls'. At first glance The Black Star sounds much better as there are a lot of humans, like

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  • fantasy tactics, fire emblem, etc, so I know my way around tactical RPG's like this. Hm. I realized that I failed to get enough sin the level before this one. It sounds like that may have caused the enemies to get harder... I was expecting that it only meant I didn't get items. The worse you are doing, the harder the enemies get and the fewer items. Game design at its best. So I guess I have... getting roflstomped. All but my tanky character get one-shot, and he gets 2 shot by the "realmreavers"... who also have 3x as much life as me. Even the level before that was costing me lots of potions

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