Are the Different Characters Unique from a Gameplay Perspective?

  • Are the Different Characters Unique from a Gameplay Perspective? GnomeSlice

    Every so often as I collect more and more Electoons, I get a notification that I've unlocked a new character at the Snoring Tree. Once I visited there, I found that there are in fact, a variety of characters to choose from, including Rayman, Globox, and some Teensies. It looks like I can also unlock many more based on the number of empty floating bubbles.

    Are the different characters simply re-skins of one another? Do any of them have unique qualities that might affect the gameplay?

  • I didn't find anything from the other characters. I think they only are re-skins. Sadly, they don't have any unique qualities that difference one versus an other other then the appearance.

  • Well raymans punch seems to be the biggest, and Globox is extremely useful for stacking players, as he's the tallest.

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