[How] Can I use alternate controllers for Rock Band on my PS3? (*i.e.*, my guitar-hero controllers.)

  • [How] Can I use alternate controllers for Rock Band on my PS3? (*i.e.*, my guitar-hero controllers.) Olie

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    Do Guitar Hero peripherals work with Rock Band and vice versa?

    Subject pretty much says it all. I've got PS3 + Rock Band, and would like to use Guitar-hero controllers. Are there adaptors? Can I hack them, somehow?

    Similarly, can I make my own controllers? Are there sites with good DIY instructions? By "make", I mean from scratch; I think I can figure out "buy a guitar, take it apart, put the bits into different plastics..." :)


  • What would you need an adapter for? If the Guitar Hero controllers are designed for the PS3, just plug them in and use them in Rock Band.

  • Your Guitar Hero guitar controllers should work with Rock Band, as I do this all the time. You will require a software update for this to work. If your PS3 is connected to the Internet, you should be prompted for this the first time you play Rock Band.

    I can't personally vouch for the other Guitar Hero peripherals, as I've not tried them, but they are supposed to be compatible.

  • Most work ... but not all.

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