How do I know who's a ho?

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  • One of the assassination targets in the Saintsbook is "Smoov" in Henry Steel Mills. To draw him out, I apparently have to, and I quote, "grab one of his ho's" who are described as "fatter, uglier ones." However, after an exhaustive sweep of the area, I haven't found any women of leisure that I would classify as unattractive or overweight. (or any people who are unattractive and overweight who appear to be "workin' the corner") What's the trick to drawing this target out?

  • I'm wondering which car that you can find on the street can be sold for most money when it's fully customized. I know that the Futo and the Sultan goes for 100k+ when fully modded but are there any cars that are more expensive?

  • In the beginning of the game there were two Alik'r soldiers in Whiterun inquiring about a redguard woman (who is Saadia in the Bannered Mane), but I didn't pursue the mission. Today, after many days of playing a exploring, I wanted to play that mission but the soldiers were gone from Whiterun. However, I traced them to Rorikstead where there were interrogating another redguard woman who wasn't... to interact apart from answering "What's on the menu"? How do I suppose may I start this mission, did I miss something?

  • Momodora II is a 2D-platformer metroidvania-style game. According to TIGSource, it was inspired by Cave Story. And I'm having trouble with the last boss fight. Warning, spoilers ahead! I'm now at the final room (at least I think it is the final one, it is the one with red stairs and a red chair) and I meet the boss woman (the one with little horns). I can defeat her shadow form, but I don't know how to defeat her second form. All my attacks don't seem to cause any damage to her. Any hints on how to defeat this boss?

  • I'm on about level 22 in Samurai VS Zombies Defense. I restarted the game again once, because I got fed up with being stuck on the same level (yea i know). I remember that spider woman who appears... really need to. I find that farmers always work the best (so long you have a lot of them). I know that farmers don't work on the spider lady, so, when she comes what should I do? Who should I use, and what would be the best line up? Who should I upgrade and how far? I don't want to spend a single cent IRL, so, methods that dont involve real money would be best. Thanks!

  • Vampire annoyance Asael Campos

    Possible Duplicate: How do I cure Sanguinare Vampiris? I'm a Stage 4 Vampire and can't talk to the guy who can give me the cure I recently took on some vampires and was somehow infected. I've been having problems in towns because of this. People keep attacking me even though I'm not causing any trouble. How do I reverse the effects and return to a normal state?

  • I just resumed my Assassin's Creed 2 game, which I haven't played for several months. The game loaded, and suddenly there's Ezio, standing in the middle of a crowded street, weapons in sleeves, with people milling about, and me with no idea where I am or who I'm supposed to kill. I've looked through the ("Animus Desktop") - aka the Start menu, but I don't see Objectives anywhere. How can I figure out where I am and who I'm supposed to kill?

  • How do I de-lock away from enemies? DISREGARD MODS ACQUIRE REP

    I'm fairly new to the Assassins Creed series, and one thing that's been bugging me like crazy is locking on to enemies. Sometimes, when I'm running away from guards, I end up accidently locking on to one of them, making me unable to run around at my leisure. How do I get rid of lock on?

  • Possible Duplicate: How to extract full audio or subtitles of GLaDOS sentences? I'm trying to find a list of the dialogue in Portal 2 (all the quotes, not just the popular ones, those I can find easily enough on wikiquotes or the like), but I haven't been able to find anything aside from a couple youtube videos. Said videos are less than ideal since I have to listen to a bunch of it to find a particular quote, and it includes many variations on what's basically the same line (as the announcer has 7 or so different variations on "Nuclear core overheating"). Does anyone know

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