How can I get Solitude out of war mode?

  • How can I get Solitude out of war mode? victoriah

    I'm playing xbox.

    I'm a Stormcloak and just completed the quest to take Solitude:

    I killed General Tullius, went outside, listened to Ulfric's speech, watched him walk away with the other guy saying "we have a lot to do"

    However. Solitude still has the combat music playing whenever I'm there, the icon for Solitude doesn't show up on my map for fast travel, and when I run up there I get a message when I go in the gate that I have to "complete defence of the city". The Blue Palace is locked (though I can break in). The rest of the town is back to normal - no fires, people walking around, etc. How can I get the war situation to end? Should I have talked to Ulfric again after his speech?

  • Going and speaking to Ulfric in Windhelm made the icon appear again on my map.

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