Is there a way to use console commands in the console version of Skyrim?

  • Is there a way to use console commands in the console version of Skyrim? monkeyman1188

    I have lost a valuable item, the Vokun Mask: I sold it early on in game not knowing I'd need it later on, and now I want it back. I have literally searched every merchant and cannot find it.

    I've been looking around at some questions on how to find or buy back items, and the solutions they provide would be to use the console command option, but I believe its for PC only.

    Is there some sort of way to do it on the Xbox 360 too, or are my items lost forever?

  • Console commands are, in fact, PC only: PS3 and Xbox 360 owners do not get access to the console. If you sell an item and the merchant resets their inventory (usually after reloading the game), the item is lost forever. Your only solution is to load up an earlier save file.

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