Do nether strongholds only spawn within a certain radius?

Jonathan Drain
  • Do nether strongholds only spawn within a certain radius? Jonathan Drain

    In Minecraft beta, normal strongholds only spawned within a certain distance of 0,0, so they would never appear in a world which was explored beyond that radius.

    In Minecraft 1.0, do nether strongholds have a limit like this, or will they appear at any distance? Can you keep exploring and find unlimited nether strongholds?

  • Nether Fortresses are closer to regular dungeons than they are to strongholds - that is to say, there's no set limit, and they spawn all over the place.

    Here's a picture from AMIDST, a stronghold-finder tool with the Nether Fortress overlay active.

    enter image description here

    And here's a picture of another random portion of the same seed.

    enter image description here

    There's a definite pattern (though I don't know the exact code) to their position, and it extends in all directions with the map.

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