How can I clown-proof an area?

  • How can I clown-proof an area? Fambida

    During bloodmoons I like to use a bunny spawner setup to farm cash. I also have some other fancy stuff built near my bunny farm. However, during bloodmoons clowns spawn. Clowns are bad. Clowns throw bombs which blow stuff up. Clowns near my bunny spawner throw bombs which blow MY stuff up. How can I stop these clowns from blowing up my stuff?

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  • The wiki suggests building your home out of Dungeon Bricks, which are immune to clown bombs. They're annoying to get, but they can't be bombed.

    Of course, if you do this, you may run the risk of turning your home into a Dungeon biome, which presents its own problems. Make sure to build above sea level to avoid this possibility; the Dungeon is only considered to exist at -4 or below.

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