Which mobs can spawn on snow-covered ground?

Jonathan Drain
  • Which mobs can spawn on snow-covered ground? Jonathan Drain

    Can pigs and other animals spawn on snow-covered dirt? Can creepers and other monsters spawn on snow-covered blocks?

  • Snow coverage does not affect spawning at all. To be more precise, mobs will spawn as if blocks of snow-cover are blocks of air.

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  • I'm in an area full of snow, does that mean it will only snow, or is there a possibility of rain? Is an area with ice or snow guaranteed to have snow fall? If not, what decides what weather the area has? Is there a way to tell what weather you will get in an area without having to wait and see? EDIT: So, going by the accepted answer, this shouldn't be happening? Clearly, it can rain on areas that were covered by snow.

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