How do I connect Starcraft 2 and Facebook?

  • How do I connect Starcraft 2 and Facebook? FigBug

    I've been reading that Starcraft 2 has facebook integration. But how do I actually connect my accounts?

  • If you log onto, go to your "Home" page by clicking the little house button.

    As you can see there, is a button which says "Import Friends" next to the Facebook icon. Select this, and enter in your Facebook credentials.

    If the broadcast has expired, select your friends:

    enter image description here

    Click "add friends":

    Select "add Facebook Friends."

  • Click the friends list button at the lower right hand of the task bar (left of the clock/mic)

    there will be a button for 'add friend'

    Click that and you will see a button for facebook.

  • As of January 2013, Facebook integration has been removed by Blizzard because Facebook

    [...] changed their API usage policy and decided to prevent third-party games like StarCraft II from utilizing their network to make social connections.

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