How much bandwith does a Minecraft server use?

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  • Possible Duplicate: Is it possible to turn a Minecraft single player map into multi-player server? How do I copy a Minecraft multi-player (SMP) map to single-player? Is it possible to have a map in single player and port it into your server for SMP and vice versa ? If so how ?

  • I have a working MC server and multiple users who log on, however due to poor connection/excessive ping play can become unbearable Does anyone know of a definitive or close approximation to the bandwidth required per player connected in a minecraft server? Any information or links regarding this topic would be helpful :) thanks. Edit As has been mentioned, the amount will vary greatly. Using the specific case of: 64 mobs hostile+passive 144 loaded chunks 4 players (not moving) would someone with sufficient knowledge be able to break down net usage of this use case? e.g. usage per mob

  • Possible Duplicate: How can I clone maps in SMP? I'm running a vanilla Minecraft server updated to 1.6.6. We're trying to make clones of maps other than map_0, however the command /give player 358:1 1 does not work. Instead it says "There is no item with id 358:1" Everyone says that command works, and apparently we're the only ones having issues. To be clear, /give player 358:1 1 does not work, and we're wondering why not...?

  • How much bandwidth does a single Minecraft client use in SMP (up and down, in KB/sec)? I'm asking this question for two reasons: 1) I plan on running a small MC dedicated server on my VPS, and want to make sure it won't obliterate my (currently barely used) monthly bandwidth cap, and 2) I'm looking at getting a mobile hotspot to play a little SMP on the go... I wouldn't be doing this much (and know it will be laggy) but I was wondering whether it would even be feasible.

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  • Possible Duplicate: How much damage does a conjured weapon do? I've really come to enjoy conjuring, especially dual-wielding bound swords. They weigh nothing, and I get skill just for bringing them out, and the coup-de-grace is that they automatically soul trap (hooray enchanting!). The issue is though, how much damage am I losing by using conjured weapons over carrying the average/best weapons available to my level? I have the perk that increases bound weapon damage, and I know it's augmented by my one handed skill, but does my conjuration skill also augment the damage? or just

  • configuration does not work: Sending tesseract: Receiving tesseract: But if I put chest directly to the receiving tesseract items are transported properly. The next configuration works fine: I use Minecraft 1.6.4, Thermal Expansion and Build Craft 4.2.2. Client and server are combined by myself and all mods are installed on vanilla minecraft. No additional modpacks were used. Here is full...Almost on every tutorial video, I watched about Thermal Expansion tesseracts, receiving one can output items to build craft transport pipes (gold or stone). The thing is I use Thermal Expansion

  • Possible Duplicate: How far are enemies knocked back? I have a feeling I was encountering someone with a hacked client, but just to make sure, about how much knockback does a normal punch do in Minecraft? Is it normal to be knocked back 4-5 blocks, or was the other player probably cheating?

  • I made a server on Minecraft Forum (because it was easier) and it said: To finish claiming this server, set this token token removed somewhere in your server's MoTD. Once the server is verified, you can remove the token. How do I change the MoTD?MOTD Minecraft Forum Does Make Servers Not Only Listing

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