Operation and Control of EOD Bot

  • Operation and Control of EOD Bot Bratch

    Are there any other controls for the EOD bot, other than the forward/left/right/back for movement and left mouse button for using the torch? It seems like there might be a way to raise or lower the torch, and to arm an MCOM is it just LMB click?

  • The "interact" button (default E) can be used to arm MCOMs with the EOD bot.

    The repair tool (fire key, default Left Mouse) can repair friendly vehicles, damage enemy vehicles, and also disarm/dispose of enemy explosives, such as C4. It can also kill, just like the normal repair tool, although getting close enough to do so can be tricky.

    You can "aim" the repair torch to an extent by moving your mouse, but there's no control for moving the torch arm around any more than that.

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  • In Lord of the Rings: War in the North, there are three main characters. The game has co-op functionality. If you're not playing with others, the other two characters are played by AI. The game supports drop-in, drop-out co-operation. One bug is that all of the gear that a team-bot had equipped, which comes to them by virtue of you gifting it to them, may not be restored once a player who replaced that bot, leaves. Why does this happen? Is it avoidable without eschewing multiplayer altogether?

  • of the game where I get my "first" scavenger bot if in a New Game (Chapter 5), but I still had a total of two scavenger bots after that. Is this by design if playing at 'Impossible' difficulty or is it a bug? If by design, will I get another scavenger bot at a later part of the game? If it's a bug, how do I avoid it when starting a New Game+? And is there a way to fix it? EDIT... a scavenger bot after retrieving all bots from that last bench, avoiding this bug)? Does anyone know if restarting a chapter from a finished New Game save may somehow fix this?

  • There is a chat bot in Scrolls called scrollbot that is used to monitor user ranking and can be queried to provide both personal and other player information. I have found mention of the bot in reference material and you can also see the bot user ID in the General-1 chat room of the game. However, I can not figure out how to query it. Has anyone found a scrollbot cheat sheet or know how to query it for personal details? Bonus points if you know anything about the modbot that also appears to be in General-1.

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