What are the different combinations for the runes?

  • What are the different combinations for the runes? MichaelT

    In the Diggle Gods expansion, there is a room that has three runes and a lever. The runes are pillar, growth and decay, and scrutiny. They can be placed in spots in the floor and a lever pulled. What are the different combinations for the runes and what do they produce?

    For example - from top to bottom - pillar growth scrutiny produces a food vending machine when the lever is pulled.

  • Pillar Growth Scrutiny = Food Dispenser
    Pillar Scrutiny Growth = Bolt Dispenser
    Growth Scrutiny pillar = Thrown Weapon Dispenser
    Growth Pillar Scrutiny = Craft Dispenser
    Scrutiny Growth Pillar = Drink Dispenser
    Scrutiny Pillar Growth = no effect (runes remain on the ground)

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