How do I focus these crystals?

Ivo Flipse
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  • Possible Duplicate: How do I get a Seraph Crystal? I have completed the main story line for the Pirate DLC. I have also killed (solo'ed) Gee and Hyperious at least twice on different days and I havent seen a seraph crystal yet. Have I missed something or done something wrong?

  • I put in the focus crystal, i have the spells, and he wants me to focus the light beams, but the light beams are not there.

  • After having problems getting enough crystals I chose the plunder dynasty specialisation which says: Plunder: +1 Dragon Blood Crystal per Week I have checked for multiple weeks all of which have no impact on resources. I have tried restarting the game.

  • If you read this PLEASE make sure you finished the game. If not, leave this page right now. This may contain content that can spoil you and I really don't want you to be spoiled about this amazing game. So I went through 4 worlds (reanimating 4 crystals in each) and when I was in the 5th I knew that Airy was lying. It was right at the beginning of chapter 8. So I tried to just destroy the wind crystal and it worked. So I went through chapter 8 in like 2 minutes. Though I wonder, how long can you keep reanimating crystals before the main story leads you to destroy one? What happens

  • I have the same problem that this guy had: Why can't I focus the focus crystal? The thing is that I play Skyrim on Xbox 360, and the solutions that were mentioned there were all solutions to the PC version. Is there someone who knows how I can fix this bug on the 360? I don't have access to console commands or mods there.

  • Possible Duplicate: Micro question: Stalker vs Zealot How do you walk and shoot in Starcraft 2? For example, marines can seems like they are shooting while walking. How do you do it? Just right click, H, right click, H, right click, H really fast? With Stalkers and Immortals it's fairly easy, I just walk them, target/focus fire a unit and move again, since they have pretty long delay between rounds of attacks. Can't get it to look smooth with marines though. And it doesn't seem like they're target firing anything, when I see someone else do it. Explain anybody?

  • Possible Duplicate: Dragon souls not activating new words I am curious why I get a message saying dragon souls are required to unlock shout however I currently have 5, how many drangon souls are required to unlock a shouts?

  • Possible Duplicate: Help, the next quest would not come up after iv don the reavealing the unseen please help The quest I am to do is to find the archmage but he is dead and the other people at the college will just go on as normal.

  • Possible Duplicate: I can't upgrade the inside of my house I purchased a house in Whiterun and didn't improve/decorate it when I purchased it. Now, I don't seem to have the option of improving it. As mentioned in this question, I went over to Proventus Avenicci, but the option isn't there. With 1,520 gold I do believe I have enough, so why isn't the option there?

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