A Timely Offer (Glass arrows, thieves' guild)

  • A Timely Offer (Glass arrows, thieves' guild) Daywatch

    In the Ragged Flagon there's a note addressed to Delvin named 'A Timely Offer'. Apparently there should be a shipment of glass arrows under the docks somewhere - has anyone actually found this mythical shipment, or have I just been wasting my time poking around the docks?

  • I found it: Outside the Mistveil Keep Barracks door (labeled on local map) there are 3 barrels and 1 is labeled Thief cache. It has Glass Arrows and other misc items.

    To clarify - you have to enter the Keep Barracks, go up the stairs, then out the door to 'Riften'. The 'Thief Cache' barrel is up there.

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