How to locate fortresses?

  • How to locate fortresses? ver

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    How can I find my World's Strongholds?

    Is there any reliable tool for determining the locations of Fortresses and Nether fortresses in Minecraft?
    We migrated our server to the latest version of Bukkit. Since we have quite a bit of the map already revealed, I'm not sure whether we still have a chance of finding a fortress in the overworld.
    So instead of running around the map, I'd like to use a tool to find their locations and then check whether those chunks were already generated.

    Similarly, is there such a tool for Nether fortresses? (Even this isn't such a pressing issue, since there are supposed to be many of them.)

  • This shall help a lot!!-1.8.1

    You need your seed, then get a program that is a fortress locator, it will tell you the coordinates of all 3 fortresses.

    This is for strongholds, not Nether Fortresses.

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