Where is the microphone located?

Ashley Nunn
  • Where is the microphone located? Ashley Nunn

    I know the 3DS has a built in microphone somewhere, because I need to blow into it as part of a Cooking Mama 4 minigame. However. I have no idea where it is, so I just generally blow at the bottom edge of the 3DS.

    I keep failing the minigame, most likely because I am blowing in the wrong spot.

    Where is the microphone located, so I can blow in the right spot and get past this mini-game (because I don't like it when Mama is mad at me)?

  • For the regular 3DS, the mic is the small hole under the Start button.

    For the 3DS XL, it is on the right of the Start button. It is a small hole marked with a 'mic' label above it.

  • I'm pretty sure there is one beside the R button that I discovered on accident.

  • I had to blow into the microphone for Dora, and I have the 3DS. There is a tiny hole next to the start button, but that didn't work. I found that it was the headphone port under where it says home.

  • The 3 buttons under the touch screen(select, home, and start) is where you can locate the microphone on the 3DS. it is right under the start button but a little to the right.

  • Here is a pic I found showing you where the mic on the Nintendo 3DS is located! Hope it helps! enter image description here

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