How can I have Fun with the Lutefisk Cube?

  • How can I have Fun with the Lutefisk Cube? 01d55

    I recently attempted to convert a spare Horadric Lutefisk Cube I found into lutefisk.

    Instead of lutefisk, the cubes produced a fiery death. (I survived the initial explosion, but the fire got me the next turn. Cause of death is listed as "spell mine.")

    Are there any other items (e.g. N-dimensional Lathe) which produce Fun instead of lutefisk when placed inside the cube? If so, what kinds of Fun can I obtain through fanatical devotion to the lutefisk god?

  • To answer the question, no, only Lutefisk cubes have this reaction when put into another Lutefisk cube, anything else will just be skoled into lutefisk.

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