Does "Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition" also contain the original SSF4?

Denilson Sá
  • Does "Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition" also contain the original SSF4? Denilson Sá

    I just got Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on PC (note: not to be confused with Street Fighter IV, which is a different game).

    When I go to "Challenge -> Trial", it says:

    Trial Mode is not compatible with Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. The game will temporarily switch to Super Street Fighter IV Original.

    My questions are:

    • Does SSF4AE also contain the SSF4?
    • Is it possible to switch between the Arcade Edition and the Original? How? Do I need to unlock it?

    Remember, since I just got this game, I haven't unlocked anything and I don't even know what are the unlockables.

    Message shown after entering the Trial mode

  • No, this was a feature on the console releases, but you can't switch back and forth on the PC version, as this review from IGN laments:

    What's slightly disappointing about this Arcade Edition is that it doesn't give you the option to swap back to the Super rule set and 36 fighter roster. I point this out because if you download the Arcade Edition on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 as an upgrade to Super Street Fighter IV, you're given the ability to swap back and forth between Super and Arcade sets.

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