How do you summon a different companion than the one that is on a mission?

  • How do you summon a different companion than the one that is on a mission? Mufasa

    I know you can summon a companion via the icon in the bottom left of the UI via the companion (person) icon with the right arrow. Or, you can open the Crew Management window and click the same icon next to the companion you want.

    If you send the companion that is currently summoned on a mission, they leave you and the bottom left portrait disappears with a countdown of the mission time replacing it. That's all cool.

    But how do you summon one of your other companions that are not on a mission?

    The summon icons are grayed out for all companions in this case whether they are on missions or not. Clicking on the portrait summon icon does nothing and provides no error message.

    If you switch companions first, then send the first on a mission, you can switch between available companions no problem. It is only when you send a companion who is currently summoned that this is a problem.

    Is this a bug or by design? Is their a workaround, or do you have to cancel or wait on the mission to complete before you can have any companion fight/participate in conversations with you?

    Crew Management window

  • It seems that the only way to summon a non-tasked companion is to close SWTOR and then log back in with your character. I have raised a support ticket about this fault, thanks for raising it up :)

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