How can I rename my town in Animal Crossing?

Jon Ericson
  • How can I rename my town in Animal Crossing? Jon Ericson

    I got my son Animal Crossing for the DS for Christmas and he thought it might be fun to name his town after a fish: Pelly: THis is the Crap civic center. What can I help you with?

    We didn't notice until he'd invested some time in his new character. After a good laugh, I tried to help him rename his town and rebuilding seemed to be the only option:

    So, you really want to get rid of Crap?

    He's pretty nervous about proceeding and I don't know what to suggest. Will he lose everything? It sure sounds like it.

    The only other think I can think of is that he has a character on the Wii version of Animal Crossing and there seems to be a way to move character between them. We're not at home at the moment for me to experiment. Can we console him by promising that he can move his Wii Animal Crossing character to his DS? I guess that's unlikely too.

    Any suggestions?

  • Rebuilding the town means that you are erasing the game data and starting fresh. Unfortunately there is no way to rename you town.

    Transferring your Wild World(DS) character to City Folk(Wii) will ONLY keep the catalog and hairstyle of the character. Items and money are not transfered.

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