How can I pick up the dog in the bar in Cave Story?

  • How can I pick up the dog in the bar in Cave Story? MoonCat

    So, twice I've played Cave Story as Curly, and both times, when I reach Jenka and go out to collect dogs, I can't pick one of them up. It's the one called Hajime, I think, and he's the one in the backroom of where we first meet Curly (or the real protagonist, depending on the version you're playing). Everytime I try to pick him up, it goes 'Arf!' and then nothing happens. I've never had this problem with any of the other dogs, and I didn't have this issue when I wasn't playing as Curly. What do I do?

    EDIT: so, I tried replaying as Quote up to that point, and I can't pick up the dog there either. So I now have three games, with both characters, where I can't do that same thing. am I missing something? does anyone else have this problem?

    EDIT: Thank you, that's working perfectly. I feel a right idiot now. (I can't seem to comment because I'm not registered, so this is how I'm replying. Please consider my question answered. Thanks again!)

  • Make sure you speak to the NPC right outside of that room - he says to you that if you're going to visit the old lady that you better take the dog in the other room with you. Once you speak to him and the old lady, you'll be able to pick the dog up.

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