Can I run both Windows and Linux Dwarf Fortress from the same directory?

  • Can I run both Windows and Linux Dwarf Fortress from the same directory? user56

    The reason I'm asking this is because I want to play Dwarf Fortress mainly on my main Windows computer, but I'd also like to be able to continue the same save from my Linux VPS.

    I already know how to synchronise the folder, but I'm just wondering if I might run into any trouble by running both Windows and Linux executables from the same source.

  • Yes. As far as I can see, and have tested, there should be no problem running both versions from the same (merged) folder. Here is the output of

    diff -ur ./df_linux ./df_windows
    Only in ./df_windows: compress_bitmaps.bat
    Only in ./df_linux/data/art: Thumbs.db
    Only in ./df_linux: df
    Only in ./df_windows: Dwarf Fortress.exe
    Only in ./df_windows: fmod.dll
    Only in ./df_windows: fmodex.dll
    Only in ./df_linux: g_src
    Only in ./df_windows: jpeg.dll
    Only in ./df_windows: libpng12-0.dll
    Only in ./df_linux: libs
    Only in ./df_windows: libtiff-3.dll
    Only in ./df_windows: Microsoft.VC80.CRT.MANIFEST
    Only in ./df_windows: Microsoft.VC90.CRT.MANIFEST
    Only in ./df_windows: msvcm80.dll
    Only in ./df_windows: msvcm90.dll
    Only in ./df_windows: msvcp80.dll
    Only in ./df_windows: msvcp90.dll
    Only in ./df_windows: msvcr80.dll
    Only in ./df_windows: msvcr90.dll
    Only in ./df_windows: msvcrt.dll
    Only in ./df_windows: optipng.exe
    Only in ./df_windows: optipng license.txt
    Only in ./df_linux/raw/graphics/example: Thumbs.db
    Only in ./df_linux: README.linux
    Only in ./df_windows: SDL.dll
    Only in ./df_windows: SDL_image.dll
    Only in ./df_windows: zlib1.dll

    all other files are identical

    (Toady left some Tumbs.db in the linux version, bad Toady!)

    As you can see, the only noticable differences are the libs for the Linux version and DLL files for the Windows version, and that each version has it's own executable, which is key for mutual co-existence (;))

    You can even use a modded Windows version of DF and add the required Linux files to it to be able to play it on Linux.

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