Does the sentry's Guardian Shield protect units from ranged attacks if the attackers are inside the shield?

  • Does the sentry's Guardian Shield protect units from ranged attacks if the attackers are inside the shield? kamens

    Let's say army A has 5 stalkers and army B has 5 stalkers and a sentry.

    If the sentry is in the middle of army B and throws up a guardian shield while army A is still well outside the radius of the shield, obviously army B will take reduced damage from A's ranged attacks.

    If the A stalkers sacrifice the time and health to walk inside of the guardian shield, literally standing right next to B's stalkers, are their attacks still reduced by the sentry's shield?

  • Guardian shield confers the damage reduction to all friendly unit inside its radius, regardless of the location of the source inflicting the damage. It doesn't matter if the enemy is inside or outside the shield.

    EDIT: some ranged units (specifically hydralisks and roaches) have an alternate attack animation when they are in melee range. This attack does not count as a ranged attack - so it is not affected by guardian shield or point-defense drones. Moving these units into close proximity with the units defended by the guardian shield can be beneficial, then, but again it has nothing to do with whether the attacker is actually inside the guardian shield or not.

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  • I was reading a forum post on TeamLiquid where an interesting fact was posted. "A possible solution to this would be to allow the sentry to create hallucinated observers which can function as detectors. They'd still be super squishy (essentially only 30 HP) and not cloaked, but it would also give Protoss something against cloaked banshee/observer snipe builds." Does this already work or is it just a suggestion which should be implemented into the game?

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