Unable to use UI prompts

  • Unable to use UI prompts rlb.usa

    On Skyrim for PC, whenever a yes/no dialog pops up ("Are you sure you want to exit alchemy?"), or a dialog with just 'ok'("You learned the _ enchantment"), I can't do anything.

    I can't right click or left click on the yes or no or anything else on the screen. EDIT: It appears I can press 'y' for yes and 'n' for no, but nothing seems to work for 'OK' dialogs. I get "stuck", and there is nothing I can do. The sound still works and the hover effects for buttons still works, so the game hasn't crashed, but the game becomes unplayable.

    What should I do?

    • I use a mouse.
    • I don't have any mods, this is a fresh install (3 hours old!)

    Things that don't help

    • Switching between windowed and fullscreen
    • Toggling 'xbox 260 controller' in the settings
    • Adding iPresentInterval=0
    • Adding bMouseAcceleration=0
    • Using Steam's Verify Game Cache
      • It found that my skyrim settings file was modified, from entering the above settings, and replaced it with the default
    • Restarting the computer
    • Playing the game with touchpad only and no external devices
    • Playing with a different mouse
    • Jimnms interface key fix (discussion thread)
      • It doesn't fix the problem I am having but it does tell you the proper keys to pres snow with key mapping consideration

  • Skyrim does NOT like custom keyboard bindings. Especially if you changed M1.

    To fix this, go into the controls and reset them to defaults, by pressing T.

skyrim pc mouse
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