How to access Mass Effect 2 DLC?

  • How to access Mass Effect 2 DLC? loosebruce

    I bought Mass Effect 2 with some additional DLC content on Steam and setup an account on the Cerberus network.

    I have completed the campaign, however I do not notice any of the bonus missions and extras the DLC offered?

    I should be able to do the Shadow Broker mission, The Thief, and some other extras.

    How do I access them? Have I missed something? I have been looking on Google and some people are saying the DLC is only unlocked if you start a new campaign after completing Mass Effect 2.

    Any ideas how to access the content?

  • To install your DLCs, you have to go onto the bioware page and download the installers. Log in and download them here. Steam doesn't handle any ME2 DLC and this is one of the reasons why there have been issues between EA games and Steam.

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