How do you join two Xbox Live accounts?

  • How do you join two Xbox Live accounts? j0ntech

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    Is there a way to merge user profiles on xbox360?

    I made an Games for Windows Live account a few years ago using my Gmail address. Some time ago I also started playing on my friend's Xbox and subsequently made a new account with my Hotmail address (having forgot about my first account). I've recently started gaming on the PC again and also using Games for Windows Live.

    You see, now I have two accounts which I would like to join, because both accounts have achievements and other such stuff, I'd like to have it all under one account.

  • Unfortunately, there is currently no way to accomplish this. Microsoft do not provide any function to merge gamertags.

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  • When I first got my 360 I didn't get live, so I made a user profile, that we'll call profile A. On this profile I beat Gears of War 1, and received many achievements and such. Later on I got Xbox live, and made a different account, because you have to, that we'll call profile B, on this account I've been playing Gears 2 and 3. So I was wondering If there is anyway to combine these two accounts so my achievements and gamer score for profiles A could be incorporated into profile B.

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  • I started playing on an xbox 360 that was not connected to the internet and created a local profile, figuring that I could get around to associating that local account with my xbox live account at a later time (which i have used in the past on the PC, just not a console). However, it seems that there is no way to make that profile associate with an existing xbox live account. I only have the option to create a new account, or download an existing one. Am I not going to be able to use my old xbox live profile, if I want to keep the saved games and achievements from my local account

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