How do I change my offline name on the mac?

minecraft os-x
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  • Possible Duplicate: How to change player name in minecraft multiplayer in offline mode in Linux? I installed some mods for Minecraft recently, and because of this I can only run the game using the EXE. But the problem with that is I can no longer use the old .bat trick and create a script to change my name. How can I change my name using the command-line of the Minecraft.exe?

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  • Possible Duplicate: How can I clone maps in SMP? I'm running a vanilla Minecraft server updated to 1.6.6. We're trying to make clones of maps other than map_0, however the command /give player 358:1 1 does not work. Instead it says "There is no item with id 358:1" Everyone says that command works, and apparently we're the only ones having issues. To be clear, /give player 358:1 1 does not work, and we're wondering why not...?

  • Possible Duplicate: Why does it say “that player is offline” when that player is most certainly online? My friends are telling me that I appear as "offline" in their friends lists while playing Diablo 3. I can join up with them, quest with them, trade with them, talk to them, and I am most definitely online. I opened up my social window and the icon in the top left shows that I'm "offline" or gray icon. So I switch it to the "online" or green icon. This does nothing, as each time I open the social window, it's back to "offline". Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

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  • How can I change my username in Minecraft 1.6 or later? It used to be possible, but that method doesn't work anymore since the way the game launches has completely changed. Is it still possible to set your username using a command, script, or anything else? (Solutions tailored to Mac OS X specifically are appreciated.)

  • Possible Duplicate: Is there any way to start Steam in offline mode without logging in first? Yesterday I was at an airport and had no wifi, I wanted to play one of my steam games. Unfortunately, Steam games won't run without Steam running first, some don't even have .exe's. So I start up Steam I choose 'Offline Mode' , but it pops up an error message saying that it couldn't connect to the Steam Network. What's going on? What exactly is 'Offline Mode' for if it won't start Steam without internet? (I am sure that my Steam client was fully updated)

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