How can I get my redstone to activate adjacent pistons?

Matteo Pagliazzi
  • How can I get my redstone to activate adjacent pistons? Matteo Pagliazzi

    I'm trying to create my first circuit in minecraft:

    • a - pressure plate
    • p - piston
    • d - dirt
    • - or | - redstone



    Pistons are placed over the dirt and there's water under the dirt.

    I'm trying this but it doesn't work:


    This also doesn't work:

    a ||

    This does work, but only if pistons aren't adjacent

        | | |
        d d d
        p p p

    Here are two screenshots:

    This doesn't work

    doesn't work

    This works:

    enter image description here

  • Try this:

    • a - pressure plate
    • - - redstone
    • + - redstone on a raised block (the block should be at the same level as the piston)
    • p - piston

    A screenshot of the above schematic The pistons activated

  • There are actually a large number of different ways you can do this. Perhaps the simplest is using redstone repeaters, like so:

    There's also the design proposed by StrixVaria, which uses elevated redstone:

    But there are even more ways you can do this. Here are a few:

    Take your pick!

  • In order to power pistons, you either need the redstone line running directly into the piston, run the redstone line on a raised block, or using redstone repeaters. You can also power an adjacent block using a repeater, which can be very useful for certain applications.

  • How to split and stretch minecraft wiring:

    1. Switch goes to repeater and split from source for every item wanted to move/open.

    2. Power block to stretch power with redstone torch on top and one in the direction you want it to go

    3. Repeat power blocks as many times as needed but the redstone repeaters only need to be there if you splitting some more channels.

    4. Attach to wanted item and go back and pull the switch.

    Note: To go up you can use a redstone torch but to go down you will need to use redstone wire.

    Hope this helps anyone who was stuck on this as it took me ages to find a link on how to do it and was wrong anyway.

    Picture showing what is said above.

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