Is there a way to increase your inventory slots in Realm of The Mad God?

  • Is there a way to increase your inventory slots in Realm of The Mad God? ChrisHateZ

    From what I see, the first 4 slots are for equipment and other 8 slots are for items.

    Now I want to know if there is a way to increase the amount of inventory slots, because 8 slots is really low.

  • There is no way to increase your inventory size beyond the 8 slots.


    A character's inventory capacity is very limited as the player can store 8 items on a character (beyond what the character has equipped), plus a free private vault chest in the nexus which stores items across deaths/characters.

    Players start with 1 free vault and can purchase more vault chests. Items in these chests are account-based so any items in the vault can be used to equip a new character. says:

    Each chest can hold eight items; any items left on the floor will disappear when you leave your Vault. You get one vault to start off with, but the rest you must pay for using the money in the game.

  • You could also make another account and store your stuff there.

  • No, there is no way to increase the inventory slots. However, you effectively get a "free" chest per character; you can just use those slots to store your excess items.

  • Well, you could buy a backpack. It is consumed on use, and doubles inventory space.

  • If you want more money, you can make a mule account. One problem with that, is that you can't transfer the gold over to your main account. Although, you can buy what you want with the 50 gold and then trade it to your main account.

  • You can buy a backpack (which doubles your inventory space) when you spawn at nexus, you should see a backpack.

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