Skyrim - Killed a chicken in the first town, how screwed is my game?

  • Skyrim - Killed a chicken in the first town, how screwed is my game? aroth

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    How to get the people of a village like me again after killing their livestock?

    So I just started playing Skyrim, and I got to the first town with the mission to talk to Alvor. I also happened to decide that it would make sense to practice my archery skills on one of the chickens that was wandering along the city streets.

    Apparently this is a big no-no, because the next thing I knew some old peasant dude was coming at me with an axe. I ran outside of city limits, but the guy chased after me so I killed him. Then when I went back into the town a guard and a couple of other NPC's attacked me. I put them down as well and went about my business. I went into the shop and found the shopkeeper was not hostile to me, and assumed that meant that everything was fine.

    I did the golden claw quest and got the word of power or whatever it was. Went back to the shopkeeper and got my reward, then decided it was a good time to talk to Alvor. Unfortunately as soon as I step into his house his wife starts attacking me. I can kill her, but then of course Alvor isn't much in the mood for talking.

    So anyways, how screwed up is my game? Is Alvor a major character as far as the plot matters, or can I just kill him and get on with things? If he is a major character, is there any way to recover at this point apart from loading an old save? If I leave town for a bit will they forget that I killed a chicken (and then all the people who rushed to avenge the chicken) and talk to me again?

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