How can I skip the first level of Eggmanland?

  • How can I skip the first level of Eggmanland? dreagan

    Is there any way to skip the first level of the last continent (Eggmanland)?

    I'm asking because I've tried numerous times to beat it and it is ridiclously difficult to pass. There are six parts, alternating between the normal Sonic and werehog Sonic forms and every time I try, I need at least an hour, maybe an hour and a half to get to the third time you are a werehog, before dying there and having to start all over.

    It just seems way too difficult to bother anymore. I've let the game rot at the last continent for a very long time now, but I was wondering if anyone would know of any (cheating) way to get past this?

    I do want to try the bosses after this level though, I'm not looking for a way to just skip to the ending (though this is preferable to no solution at all).

    update: Does anyone have any hints or tips to help me beat this level? Should I just go back and level my stats some more (though that wasn't why I died, it was the damn platforming and stupid camera angles getting in the way)..?

ps3 sonic-unleashed
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