What happens if I add a Steam game to Origin?

  • What happens if I add a Steam game to Origin? Alex

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    Installing in games Origin already obtained via Steam

    Now that I've installed Origin, I have the option of registering some of my other EA games (Dead Space 1 & 2, etc) on it. These are games that I've bought and already activated on Steam.

    So what exactly happens if I re-register them on Origin?

    • Do they get 'copied' across, so I can play them from either service?
    • Do they get 'moved' across, so they are no longer accessible from Steam?
      • If this is the case, are save games compatible? (I'm guessing they are...)
    • What about Steam achievements? I hope they're not removed/disabled with the game. Is this even possible (i.e. are there EA games with Steam achievements?)?

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