Could I have saved Mordin?

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  • Possible Duplicate: Can I cure the Genophage without losing a Salarian? During the second Tuchanka mission in Mass Effect 3, you can choose whether to cure the genophage, or sabotage it. If you cure it, Mordin dies in an explosion. If you sabotage it, you are forced to kill Mordin to do so. However, you can save Mordin if both Wrex isn't alive and you destroyed Maleon's data in ME2. Additionally, if you don't cure the genophage and Wrex is alive, you are forced to kill him when he finds out that the cure was fake. Is it possible to come out of this mission having both Mordin

  • Who is Tarquin? Dave McClelland

    After curing the Genophage on Tuchanka, I was talking to James and he said "Too bad about Tarquin, I was just starting to like him." Is this a misinterpretation of Mordin's name or someone who I have forgotten entirely?

  • it, having the krogan on your side as opposed to the salarian forces you get by doing things the dalatrass' way counts for more in terms of war resources. I just want to know whether having Mordin on the Crucible contributes substantially to that or if his efforts are better served curing the genophage instead. Is it worth screwing Wrex over if Mordin gets the Crucible done? I have a feeling I...I'm stuck as to whether to convince Mordin to lie and go work on the Crucible (the sentimental choice, as Mordin is awesome), or to have him disperse the cure at the expense of his own life

  • What caused Mordin to die? ヴァイシャリ

    I took all the paragon options, saved Maelon's data. Eve is still alive. I know how to save him. BUT... My favorite Salarian is dead. What caused Dr. Mordin Solus's death? This was a little unclear to me in the story. The cut scene shows a lot of lightning on top of the shroud. What caused that much lightning? And finally what caused the explosion that took Mordin's life? Why was everything so unstable?

  • In Mass Effect 2 I helped Mordin destroy the genophage's in order to prevent a cure. Now I find it weird that I am forced by a primary mission to find a cure for the genophage. Is it possible to not deploy or sabotage the cure?

  • Needless to say, there be spoilers in here... If you have not completed Mass Effect 3 or haven't yet played the Citadel DLC than you have been warned and it's your own fault! I've always allowed Mordin to cure the genophage, as somebody else might have gotten it wrong. During my playthroughs, I'm always left with Mordin's data pad full of fun facts and singing. I was wondering though, in the instance that Mordin survives the mission Priority: Tuchanka, does he then later appear during the Citadel DLC like the rest of the crew?

  • I saved Wrex in ME1, I saved Maelon's data in ME2, the import screen in ME3 confirmed this. When I get to the missions on Tuchanka, I completed every one of the side missions before starting the mission where they take down the Reaper and distribute the genophage cure. Then when I finally get to the lab, Mordin tells me that Eve has died. Yet every site I've been to says that keeping the data allows her to live. So why did she die?

  • Is there any sure shot methodology to get the charm/intimidate option to be available in mass effect 3? For instance, in Priority : Tuchanka, i had to lose Mordin Solus because i didnt have a suitable charm/intimidate decision. And here, it has been stated that : Shepard may also have Charm and Intimidate options available. If so, Mordin agrees to delay the genophage cure until after the Reaper threat has passed, and to become a War Asset at the Crucible project in the meantime I would like to know what i should do to get these in my decision tree. Thank you.

  • companions. For instance, I remember in Mass Effect 2 I had a long talk with Mordin about the genophage, and I think I eventually convinced him curing it might not be a terrible idea. Now (in ME3) he not only helps me find the cure, but he was tipping Wrex off on where to find the females. I also remember having long chats with Jack in ME2. Now, it seems she's no longer angry at humanity and actually wants to do some good. My question is: have my actions influenced this (and other) behaviors? Is it possible to influence such behaviors? I remember most companions in ME2 eventually

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