Why doesn't my in-game microphone feature work?

Amir Rachum
  • Why doesn't my in-game microphone feature work? Amir Rachum

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    Has anyone had success with Voice Chat in StarCraft 2?

    Starcraft 2 has an in-game microphone feature (push-to-talk), but it simply doesn't work.

    My microphone is functioning outside of the game and when I talk I can see that it picks up my voice (the microphone waves move), but no one can hear me. Also, the microphone test does not work. My settings are fine, and it's not muted or anything.

    Any idea on what to do?

  • I have friends who use Ventrilo instead. Many of them site that the in-game microphone feature is buggy and they prefer to use something they already know works.

  • You're not crazy. It doesn't work for a TON of people.

    And it's infuriating, because the test clearly indicates that the game can access your machine's mic and pick up sound.

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