where is barla von?

Dennis Khuraijam
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  • I talked to Liara who, in turn, sent me to Barla Von who, in turn, wants me to rescue his Shadow Broker buddies in the Dranek system. That's all well and good, but when I get to the Dranek systemm there's nothing there. I feel like some sort of squad combat sequence was supposed to be triggered at some point and my game is just bugged. Or am I just missing something obvious? Where and how do I rescue the trapped Shadow Broker forces?

  • Possible Duplicate: Why can I sometimes take half of a shops items while the oher half is considered stealing? I've noticed that upon meeting certain people and doing a quest for them to earn their trust, certain things that would be considered stolen are able to be obtained without any trouble and are not labeled as stolen. Though I can't recall the name I remember there was a quest in which you sent a message to a woman about why mining operations were slow and that the shipment would be there soon. After, if you go back to the quest giver's house you can take all the ingots

  • After repelling the Citadel attack, I am unable to find Barla Von and Sellea in Presidium Commons to return their respective quests. Am I too late to ever turn these quests in, or will the quest givers eventually return? If so, when?

  • I was in the Vorm lodge and stole a book I needed for a quest. They caught me and immediately decided to attack, so I ran. I have two open quests for people in the lodge however. I did the quest but whe I returned they were still hostile. Is there anyway, or any time after which, they will not longer be hostile and I can complete the quest?

  • I've seen reference to a quest-giver NPC called Jack in Highpool (in this thread), but can't find any such person. Where can I find Jack? (I went to Highpool before the Ag Center.)

  • My galaxy is currently 100% scanned and I haven't found any sign of a sample of Cerberus Turian Poison. Is it located in a galaxy I just haven't unlocked yet? Or perhaps in the Priority missions I'm waiting to do? Considering how some missions become impossible to complete after certain Priority missions sometimes, I'm trying to put off the ones I have (Eden Prime and Perseus Veil) until absolutely necessary.

  • For the Hanar Diplomat mission, I do not remember completing it. But it is marked grey (typically when complete). I have now finished the Citadel story mission where you save the Citadel from attack Why is this mission grey like I already completed it? Can I still get Kasumi?

  • to go to the dread wastes, in the hope that I would find herbs of a sufficient quality to level my herb gathering skill. Whilst doing so I decided to do a few quests as a means of keeping things interesting. After completing the The Scale-Lord quest I was able to strike the amber that held Korven the prime and release him from his slumber. When he awoke I decided that I didn't want to get tangled... as long as I don't take any of his quests and/or complete them. If I leave the dread wastes will I lost him? I'm reluctant to try it just in case I leave and find that he no longer follows me around

  • I'm trying to complete a few of the missions that involved finding pieces during the Tuchanka mission set. Specifically: Benning: Evidence Citadel: Improved Power Grid Citadel: Barla Von Citadel: Heating Unit Stabilizers Irune: Book of Plenix However when I complete the missions on Tuchanka that give me the requirement pieces (like opening up Irune and Benning for scanning, exploration... completed Tuchanka, the above listed missions are greyed out. Aside from editing my save file to say the missions were completed, how can I do these missions without resorting

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