Can't find Faralda

  • Can't find Faralda Lauren

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    Can not get into the College of Winterhold

    I never tried getting into the college of Winterhold until I needed info on the Elder Scrolls. I told Faralda I was dragonborn and she wanted me to demonstrate a shout. I did, and she thought I was attacking her, so I had to leave town. When I came back, the dragon was attacking. I killed it, but after the battle, and ever time ive been to Winterhold since, Faralda hasnt been on the bridge. How do I get into the college now?

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  • I've gone to Winterhold to join the college, and at the entrance I'm required to demonstrate my ability to use magic to Faralda. I've been told I need to cast Fear, so I bought it from her. However, I'm not sure who or what I'm supposed to cast it on: if I try to cast it on Faralda, I'm told she's too high level to be affected by the spell. What do I need to do to show Faralda I know how to cast the Fear spell?

  • Faralda is not at the college Brandor The Great

    Possible Duplicate: Can not get into the College of Winterhold My last question got closed, which sucked because I play on the PC, not the XBox, and the answer for the XBox one was not helpful. So let me restate my problem. When I go to the college of Winterhold to join, Faralda is not outside. I have never been here before. I have used console commands to unlock the gate myself, as well as teleporting, which works, but then I can't get into the main hall. I can open up the door, but it will not let you enter. I need this for Dragonborn quests and Dawnguard. Can somebody please

  • Possible Duplicate: Where do I get the key to enter the Winterhold College? I'm on a quest (Under Saarthal), and the quest asked me to go the College of Winterhold. Unfortunately, I can't get inside the college because the front gate is locked and I don't have the key. I have been to the college before and talked to the lady in front of the college.

  • I am at level 56 and erased all my previous saves so going back is not an option. In the college of Winterhold I started the main quest line early on, at level 12. I went up to 'Hitting the Books' and stopped for a while, then went back at level 40ish and did 'Good Intentions'. But after the Archmage died in 'Containment', Mirabelle won't give me the rest of the quest. She was outside instead of inside when she told me to look for him and I can't do the rest of the main quest chain for it. I have done every other guild but the college and refuse to start over.

  • Possible Duplicate: How many skill points does it take to level up? Am I doing something wrong, or is leveling up in Skyrim just very slow? I'm about to leave the college in Winterhold to find out more info on the Elder Scrolls, but I'm only level 10. Maybe a better question would be, what all effects leveling up? Does killing enemies gain XP or just when you improve a skill? I die... so I can't get a lot of items when I'm doing other quests.

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  • I can not get into the College of Winterhold in Skyrim. I know I am supposed to talk to Faralda, but she is nowhere to be found. I accidentally attacked a guard in Winterhold and now she is gone. I can not continue with the Dawnguard quests without getting in there.

  • I went to Savos Aren at the college after finishing the "Revealing the Unseen" quest, then we open the gates in the College of Winterhold because they were locked. Savos goes to the elf guy doing magic and poof! I awoke in front of this lady and she tells me to find the Arch Mage. At that point, the quest would not come up, and everyone just goes back to normal. What's going on?

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