How is the Normandy refueled?

  • How is the Normandy refueled? bwarner

    I've never bought fuel at a fuel depot, but I sometimes find the Normandy has returned to 1000 fuel. I've found fuel a few times while scanning, but definitely not that much. Are there other actions that cause the Normandy to refuel?

  • Docking at the Citadel gives you a refueling. If you've ever gone to the Citadel, that'd be why you have your fuel back.

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  • I visit. In Mass Effect 2, I could upgrade the Normandy's scanners and fuel tanks, to make scanning more efficient and to allow for fewer trips to a fuel depot in between systems. Are there any upgrades availiable that will improve the Normandy's speed (to run away more better), range (either through higher fuel capacity or more fuel efficiency, to visit more systems before needing to find...So, the Normandy is pretty cool. Her scanners have been upgraded, and I can check a few planets at once now to see if they have a shiny rock I might be interested in. Unfortunately, those scanners

  • I've been searching, and couldn't find the answer anywhere! How can I use an item unloader to unload all Items except for the fuel in my modular cart? Is it even possible? I've also played around with it a bit, but can't find out how... It just unloads everything, including the fuel.

  • On the system map, I can use the Normandy to scan for interesting items within the system. However, scanning too much draws the ire of the Reapers. They'll chase you back out of the system if this happens. So far I've always ran like hell. What happens if they catch me? Do I get a game over? Do I lose resources temporarily or permanently? Do I get to fight them (and perhaps gain bonus XP or other benefits?)

  • I found a Mi-17 on the North West Airfield (without fuel). I filled it with one jerry can of fuel and tried to lift off. The rotors were turning, but I couldn't lift off. (When I went out to get more fuel I died so I wasn't able to test it). Was it just buggy, or do I need more fuel to lift off with a chopper?

  • I was wondering what the cost per unit of fuel is in Mass Effect 3? I like to spend good money on stuff on the market, but I obviously need to keep a little in reserve for fuel. Knowing how much fuel costs per unit would go a long way to helping me plan my outings.

  • I want to create a set of launch configurations to come together and create a ship I can build in orbit. To do this, I want to be able to put parts only on one face, like on the side of the orange fuel pod. I have seen downloadable models with this, but I am pretty new to this. Can someone explain how?

  • I've been playing around with the Kethane resource mod, and I believe I've met the requirements to be able to extract Kethane from Mun. I've deployed satellites around Mun, in a rather nice fashion... deployed my drills, but they're not gathering Kethane: According to the Kethane Fuel Routing thread, the fuel tanks work just like Monopropellant; they don't need fuel lines. As long as a drill is attached to the same entity as Kethane fuel tanks, they'll be filled. So what am I missing here? Why can't I gather Kethane?

  • According to the Normandy SR-2 Upgrades on the Mass effect Wiki, the Med-Bay Upgrade only do this : Using this unit will immediately and completely heal your scars. Further scarring will not occur regardless of the actions you take. Apart form the cosmetic improvement, nonexistent is you choose the paragon path, is there any reason to throw 50,000 Platinum into the research of this upgrade?

  • I'm wondering what happens if you run out of fuel between systems in ME3? I think that in the second one, you just burnt your minerals, but having no minerals in ME3, what happens? Also, I dont seem to find any refuel station... so how can I get fuel?

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